Air Freight

With over 14 years’ experience in supply chain logistics, and as a freight forwarder in China, the Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd and partners

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Sea Freight

The Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd offer freight forwarding services to all businesses whether it is a one off shipment or an on-going contract.

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Road Freight

The Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd with their partners offer a unique freight forwarding service for companies wishing to do business with China.

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Export Consultancy

If you want to import your goods from China, the Abletrans International Shipping and partner Tehran Nasim make sure you receive the best consultancy

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The  Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd was established in 2000 to offer businesses and organizations, whether SME or large corporate enterprise, a unique cost-effective Import and Export solution covering the width and breadth of China. As well as being the destination or source country, freight forwarding via China is proving to be essential for reducing costs in international logistics.

The first name in international Logistics

Over the last 14years the Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd  has grown and expanded and can now offer a truly dynamic package of services to organisations facilitating business with China, business based in China and businesses wanting to find the most efficient service and competitive rates for International trade and logistics.

Ideally situated for export and import with China and Asia

We originally set up in Xiamen Free Trading Zone which has proved ideal for offering Import and Export services, our freight forwarding services, custom brokerage and supply chain solutions. The Xiamen free trade–industrial zone achieved its importance mainly from its geographical location as the shortest and the most secure route connecting central Asian independent states. We are now proud to say we have branches in 4 locations in China:Shanghai;Ningbo; Shenzhen; and Tianjin.

Our partner network will save time and money and cut costs

Negotiating services within foreign cultures can be challenging if you are uncertain about where and how you can access the most profitable transport services from the most reputable and quality companies. We now partner with over 100 high profile trading companies and it is this powerful network that has made us unique amongst our competitors and invaluable to thriving International business. Complementing our international connections, our robust local network with trading companies and local authorities both eases and speeds up our service and work processes.

How to get started

If you are an organization currently committed to business with China or if you are considering entering into the expanding China markets, our experience in International logistics and freight forwarding is second to none. At the Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd  we will do all the leg work for you and provide you with a bespoke supply chain solution.

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The Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd  looks forward to hearing from you.

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For more information on any of our services,
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The Xiamen Abletrans Logistics Co.,Ltd looks forward to hearing from you!